National Stockholm syndrome

So for the last 3 years in a row we have been graced with his Majesty’s presence, HRH Prince of Wales has decided for the last 3 consecutive Mays that he and his good lady wife would visit the poor Paddy’s in the Emerald Isle, to give us all a little pat on the head and let us know we are doing a fine job of not killing each other; and of course much encouragement to keep up the good work! This is exactly the kind of validation we need; because without it we would descend into chaos and savagery.

So quite obviously my opening to this blog is sarcastic as hell; however it is not in jest!

Royal visits to their colonies and former colonies are filled with spectacles of the native arts and culture. We see time and time again grinning British Royals in pictures wearing hula skirts, while trying in vain to do some kind of native dance. In Ireland, it is Charles Windsor trying his hand at a bit of Hurling, or when the British Queen visited in 2011 mumbled a few words of our native tongue; met with an overzealous Mary McAleese exclaiming WOW as if Lizzie had just performed the River Dance.

Mary McAleese and Elizabeth Windsor

Just when did we Irish pick up this inferiority complex? In 1911 when British King George V visited Ireland he was met in Dublin by enthusiastic crowds and a Dublin festooned with British Union Jacks. It seems that 101 years after the rising the Pale hasn’t changed too much. The GAA and all sorts of other so-called national organisations have been nauseating the Irish People with their arse lickery, some must be going bald they are pulling at their forelock that much!

Just today Charles Windsor and Camilla Parker Bowles are being paraded around Glasnevin Cemetery by the great and the good of the Freesatate establishment, in a manifestation of National Stockholm syndrome. Of course, their first port of call was to pay respects to Irish recipients of the British Victoria Cross medal, while also visiting the graves of Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera.

Most importantly they gave their nod of approval to the 1916 rising, heartening for us all to know because without it we couldn’t make up our minds if the 1916 Patriots were madmen terrorists or freedom fighters!  Thank God the British Royals say it was OK, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

The British Royals started their jollies in Derry. Derry which saw 14 men murdered by the Para’s of which Charles Windsor is the symbolic head. Of course, news that he was in Derry was only announced on the day itself. This was to hamper any kind of protest that would have been planned. Make no mistake had Republicans have known, there would most certainly have been a protest. It would seem that the next “King of Ireland” cannot visit his little dominion with any notice. We are told that there is peace now and a settled state, the public might believe this baloney but the establishment are not that naive, they are fully aware that the 6 counties is far from a settled state.  

The ongoing normalisation process between Ireland and Britain is set to get more boke worthy in the years to come, fawning over British Royalty in Ireland is idiotic, what other Country in the world would be rolling out the red carpet for a Monarchy or Government that holds dominion over part of its own Country. All I can say is - Ireland you’re rearing them!


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