No Brits in Derry Museum Stand with Linda and Helen

Linda Nash and Helen Deery are now facing their third night sleeping on a floor in the Museum of Free Derry. Linda and Helen are both Derry women, both of whom are pensioners, both lost family members at the hands of the British Army, and both are fiercely opposed to their brothers names being listed in the museum alongside the British Army and RUC.

It's simple for me and only right that we should support them. The museum has attempted to pass over the objections claiming it's just a chronology of everyone who died in Derry during the Troubles, while that could be plausible and surely will be believed by the gulpins who tend to believe anything for an easy life it's clear cut, just like the wall in Glasnevin, which lists volunteers of the Irish Republic alongside those who died defending the British Empire that it is most certainly a memorial.

Over the last 20 years an upsurge in the normalisation of British rule has been rightly nauseating. The British Army and RUC can play GAA as official teams and the British royal family have made Ireland their holiday home such is the frequency of their visits! What's more despicable is the Freestate government constantly inviting them and parading them around for all and sundry to have the chance to bow, scrape and fawn.

Ireland has a national inferiority complex, for those of us who continue our defiance of British rule, or those who will not allow their loved ones memories to be degraded by accepting memorials of British army murderers alongside their family, or for those of us who just continue to tell the truth and refuse to accept the lies and fluff, we are all dissidents! And we should all be proud to be so.

You will be told your out of date, a war monger, a fool and so what! The stupid will be content with the current goings on, the crooked will make a mint as peace cost money remember. That brings me nicely to my next suspicion, I wonder and I'm not making any allegations as I have nothing to back it up BUT I just wonder if funding of some kind led to British army murderers being listed on a memorial in the Museum of Free Derry, I mean, it does not make sense for this museum to list them ...

As it stands Linda and Helen are undergoing a serious sit in protest, two women of a certain age sleeping on a cold hard floor, those who run the museum have locked the kitchen and turned off the lights in an example of extreme pettiness. Linda and Helen have a simple demand, to remove their loved ones names from the memorial as it is a blight on their memory to list them along with the people who murdered them. The Brits have a plethora of museums for these people to be memorialised, there is no requirement for MOFD to do it.

Time for the Free Derry Museum to show a bit of respect and do what's right.




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