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A hard border going to re-ignite the “Troubles”? give me a break!

I have been reading various articles over recent weeks and months on Brexit and the “Irish Issue” most of them seem to contain subtle threats making references to how Brexit could re-ignite the “Troubles” in Ireland. The idea is that Irish Republicans will go back to war if the British tighten up their Border here, that a hard border will be a target and that all of a sudden hundreds, if not thousands of Irish people who are currently munching on Friday night Pizza and watching Netflix will suddenly get the urge to go and fight to get rid of it. What a load of old scaremongering, threatening and politically motivated CRAP Who are these people exactly that are going to go to war? are PSF led by Michelle O’Neill and the PIRA going to do it? Is the PIRA going to turn their coat once more and come back into existence to lead a new border campaign? Are “dissidents” going to see their ranks swell to the max, magically get a load of money, weapons, training and resources and go to town on th

Spirit of Irish Freedom Society commemoration address

Address given 06/10/2018 in Fore Village, Co. Westmeath at the Spirit of Irish Freedom Society commemoration for  Vol. Patrick Thompson,  Vol. Paddy Dermody and Vol Michael Flynn. Firstly, I would like to thank the organisers of this commemoration for giving me the honour of addressing you all here today, the ongoing work, that the Spirit of Irish Freedom society do by commemorating patriots from the locality and surrounding areas is not only very important from a historical point of view, but essential for the ongoing campaign to re-establish the Irish Republic. We have heard from the Chairperson of the lives and sacrifices of the 3 men that we come to commemorate, Vol. Patrick Thompson, Vol. Michael Flynn and Vol Patrick Dermody are only but a few of the prominent Volunteers that hailed from this area, these 3 men dedicated their lives to the cause of a free Ireland, all of these men died while on active service for the Republic, 3 young fearless men who put their Country and