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Oration delivered at Liam Lynch Commemoration, 21/07/2019

It is an incredible honour to have been invited by the National Liam Lynch Commemoration Committee to speak before you today. In his resistance to British rule in Ireland, General Liam Lynch has left an important legacy for all the Irish people, a revolutionary career that displayed great dedication, idealism and heroism.

Republicans of every generation have paid tribute to him on this spot since the bitter Civil War, or rather, what I prefer to call the Counter-Revolution of 1922-23. It is right and fitting that we continue to pay tribute and honour a giant of the Republican movement such as Liam Lynch. 
In 1935, before a crowd of thousands, Lynch's former comrade, Maurice Twomey, unveiled the tower dedicated to Liam Lynch that we stand in the shadow of today.
Twomey had served alongside Lynch in the ranks of Óglaigh na hÉireann during the days of the Tan War and was later on his staff, during the Civil War.

By 1935, Twomey himself had risen to Chief-of-Staff of the IRA, and was t…

Former Prisoners and Republican activists under attack, it could be you next!

Britain’s new counter-terrorism bill, which came into effect on 12th April 2019 is an outright attack on freedom of political expression and opinion. The new laws enacted should be of particular concern to political activists here in Ireland. Three of the key points are listed below:

“extends the ‘offence’ of inviting support for a proscribed organisation to cover expressions of support” 
This is open to blatant abuse, what constitutes expressions of support in the British Governments eyes can and will be legitimate political expression. In the last few years we have seen a number of political activists in Ireland be arrested for giving political speeches or conducting political interviews with media, they have subsequently been found to have no case to answer in court. This new law now makes it easier for the courts to convict such activists and was included no doubt due to the failure to previously convict Irish Republicans.

“It is an office to display in a public place an image wh…

Billy McKee - A life dedicated to Ireland (Pictures)

The great Republican leader Billy McKee has sadly died today.

He lived a long life and was known and loved by many.

Do not be sad that Billy has died, he lived to the ripe old age of 97, be glad that he ever lived and has left for us a wonderful legacy that will continue to inspire Republicans for generations to come. 

There are many people, more qualified than me to write his history, I could not possibly do it justice, so please enjoy below a number of wonderful Photographs, provided by Jim McIlmurray (Lurgan)

Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam dílis

Easter Oration - Glasgow 27/04/2019

Firstly, I want to say how honoured I am, to have been asked by the West of Scotland band alliance to address you, fellow Republicans, in Glasgow at this sacred time of year.

It is fantastic to attend this march and enjoy listening to the superb bands. The music never fails to give me goosebumps; there is nothing that quite compares to the proud feeling Republican bands can give you, as you march along to the beat of their drum. The time and effort you put into perfecting your talents have made you the first-rate musicians that we have all heard here today.

It is truly a privilege, to stand alongside Scottish Comrades and commemorate all those, who have died in service to the Irish Republic. The Scottish can take pride in the fact that far from being sympathetic supporters of the Irish cause, you have been active participants, Scottish men and women have fought, been incarcerated and died in the pursuit of an Irish Republic. You are not simply our Celtic cousins, you are our brothers,…

Easter Oration - Duleek 19/04/2019

Like many Republicans in Ireland and across the globe, we gather here today to commemorate the many men and women who have gave their lives for Irish Freedom. We use the historic 1916 rising anniversary as a time for us to gather, however, we do not commemorate only those who fought and died in 1916, we pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in pursuit of the Irish Republic since the occupation of our land began to present day.

Easter is a very apt time for a rising to take place. For Christians, it symbolises a time of sacrifice and resurrection, and the rising symbolises the same for us. The rebels undoubtedly knew that they would be sacrificing their lives, sacrificing their very lives for their country and its people. With their sacrifice, the Republic was born and with it, hope resurrected for the Irish nation, which to this day cannot be and will not be quelled.

Easter rising commemorations up and down the country take many forms, some will have music while others will no…

Do not wait another 30 years to understand that British atrocities CAN and WILL happen again!

Do not wait another 30 years to understand that British atrocities CAN and WILL happen again!

Over the last few weeks, I have immersed myself in watching some very informative documentaries. Netflix has played host to some that have thus far have failed to make it on to general television and where Netflix have failed documentary makers have given their own showings, such as Unquiet Graves which is currently on tour around the Country.

Watching Unquiet Graves in a packed room, in a hotel in the Moy Co. Tyrone, I saw first-hand the appetite out there from Irish People, who want to learn the truth of the brutalities of the British Occupation. You could not fail to be moved in watching this film; hearing accounts of cold-blooded murders committed by Loyalists in collusion with the state leaves you not only sad but also very angry.

The Miami Showband documentary, which has aired in recent days on Netflix, also leaves you with a wave of anger tinged with sadness. The ruthless murder of popula…

The real crime is British Occupation

British Secretary of state to Ireland, Karen Bradley’s remarks concerning murderous British soldiers comes as no surprise to anyone with even the faintest knowledge of British misrule in Ireland.
Speaking in the British House of Commons on Wednesday 6th March, Karen Bradley stated:  “The under 10% (of deaths) that were at the hands of the military and police were not crimes. They were people acting under orders and instructions, fulfilling their duties in a dignified and appropriate way.”
Bradley has since said she misspoke, and that her comments were factually incorrect and did not reflect her views.

I think that this retraction adds only insult to injury, Karen Bradley is not one bit sorry, in fact, her statement in the House of Commons very much reflects her views and that of very many others in the British Government. 
Her comment was no slip of the tongue, it was not taken out of context or misinterpreted, she said it very clearly, she said they were “not crimes” and that the British …

Centenary of 1st Dáil Address

Address given to a meeting in Wynn's Hotel Dublin on 21st January 2019, in celebration of the centenary of the inaugural meeting of the 1st Dáil Eireann. Hosted by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland

The First and Second Dáil, the government of the True revolutionary Irish Republic, in existence for only 3 short years, but with a legacy and importance that reverberates today within Republican circles. I gathered that this event today would focus on the creation of the First Dáil, the other speakers here today I deemed would be more qualified to speak on the history leading up to its creation, its importance at the time and the key players involved. 

I would like to focus more on why the 1st Dáil is still as important for Republicans today as it was in 1919 and that far from being a commemoration for us, something that we look back on with pride it is in fact still central to the principles of our ideology and that our aim remains the re-establishment of the true revolutionary Dáil.

We he…

We need to talk about Yellow Vests

Since November 2018 revolutionaries around Europe and the World have looked on in admiration at the organised and radical protests taking place in France, the numbers at these protests are quite large, and they have basically brought Paris to a stand-still every Saturday, there have been skirmishes and lock downs yet the French people still come out in vast numbers every Saturday to make their presence known. The Yellow Vest movement in France for those of us looking on in Ireland took us quite by surprise, we all rushed to get as much information as we could as to what was going on, who was leading these protests and what their demands were, what seems to kick it off was a proposed fuel increase in 2019, in particular an increase on Diesel tax, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the French people and so using the Yellow hi-vis vests that all French motorists are legally mandated to carry in their cars in case of a breakdown, this became the uniform of the resistance,…