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Centenary of 1st Dáil Address

Address given to a meeting in Wynn's Hotel Dublin on 21st January 2019, in celebration of the centenary of the inaugural meeting of the 1st Dáil Eireann. Hosted by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland The First and Second Dáil, the government of the True revolutionary Irish Republic, in existence for only 3 short years, but with a legacy and importance that reverberates today within Republican circles. I gathered that this event today would focus on the creation of the First Dáil, the other speakers here today I deemed would be more qualified to speak on the history leading up to its creation, its importance at the time and the key players involved.  I would like to focus more on why the 1st Dáil is still as important for Republicans today as it was in 1919 and that far from being a commemoration for us, something that we look back on with pride it is in fact still central to the principles of our ideology and that our aim remains the re-establishment of the true revolution

We need to talk about Yellow Vests

Since November 2018 revolutionaries around Europe and the World have looked on in admiration at the organised and radical protests taking place in France, the numbers at these protests are quite large, and they have basically brought Paris to a stand-still every Saturday, there have been skirmishes and lock downs yet the French people still come out in vast numbers every Saturday to make their presence known. The Yellow Vest movement in France for those of us looking on in Ireland took us quite by surprise, we all rushed to get as much information as we could as to what was going on, who was leading these protests and what their demands were, what seems to kick it off was a proposed fuel increase in 2019, in particular an increase on Diesel tax, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the French people and so using the Yellow hi-vis vests that all French motorists are legally mandated to carry in their cars in case of a breakdown, this became the uniform of the resistance,