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Easter Oration - Glasgow 27/04/2019

Firstly, I want to say how honoured I am, to have been asked by the West of Scotland band alliance to address you, fellow Republicans, in Glasgow at this sacred time of year. It is fantastic to attend this march and enjoy listening to the superb bands. The music never fails to give me goosebumps; there is nothing that quite compares to the proud feeling Republican bands can give you, as you march along to the beat of their drum. The time and effort you put into perfecting your talents have made you the first-rate musicians that we have all heard here today. It is truly a privilege, to stand alongside Scottish Comrades and commemorate all those, who have died in service to the Irish Republic. The Scottish can take pride in the fact that far from being sympathetic supporters of the Irish cause, you have been active participants, Scottish men and women have fought, been incarcerated and died in the pursuit of an Irish Republic. You are not simply our Celtic cousins, you are our brothers,

Easter Oration - Duleek 19/04/2019

Like many Republicans in Ireland and across the globe, we gather here today to commemorate the many men and women who have gave their lives for Irish Freedom. We use the historic 1916 rising anniversary as a time for us to gather, however, we do not commemorate only those who fought and died in 1916, we pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in pursuit of the Irish Republic since the occupation of our land began to present day. Easter is a very apt time for a rising to take place. For Christians, it symbolises a time of sacrifice and resurrection, and the rising symbolises the same for us. The rebels undoubtedly knew that they would be sacrificing their lives, sacrificing their very lives for their country and its people. With their sacrifice, the Republic was born and with it, hope resurrected for the Irish nation, which to this day cannot be and will not be quelled. Easter rising commemorations up and down the country take many forms, some will have music while others will no