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#BringItToTheirDoors Charlie Flanagan - Statement read and posted

Address given outside Freestate Minister Charlie Flanagan's house as part of the #BringItToTheirDoors Campaign 06/10/2019 Video can be seen here: _________________________________________ We are here today outside the home of Freestate Justice minister Charlie Flanagan, Flanagan as so-called Justice Minister is directly responsible for the implementation and continued use of the corrupt Special Criminal Court. The title Justice Minister is somewhat Orwellian considering that there is no justice to be had in the Special Criminal Court, a non-jury Diplock Court, a conveyor belt of injustice railroading Republicans into Prison. The State uses the Special criminal court against those who oppose them, mainly Irish Republicans. Over the last number of years, the number of Irish Republicans facing the special criminal court has grown gargantuan. The very existence of this court breaches the fundamental right to trial