#BringItToTheirDoors Charlie Flanagan - Statement read and posted

Address given outside Freestate Minister Charlie Flanagan's house as part of the #BringItToTheirDoors Campaign 06/10/2019

Video can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/1251993284954672/posts/1542373905916607/


We are here today outside the home of Freestate Justice minister Charlie Flanagan, Flanagan as so-called Justice Minister is directly responsible for the implementation and continued use of the corrupt Special Criminal Court.

The title Justice Minister is somewhat Orwellian considering that there is no justice to be had in the Special Criminal Court, a non-jury Diplock Court, a conveyor belt of injustice railroading Republicans into Prison.

The State uses the Special criminal court against those who oppose them, mainly Irish Republicans.

Over the last number of years, the number of Irish Republicans facing the special criminal court has grown gargantuan. The very existence of this court breaches the fundamental right to trial by jury.

All it takes to “convict” someone of IRA membership is the word of a Garda superintendent, and as we all know these people are hardly harbingers of truth, we have seen only in recent weeks public exposition of their lies against Republicans.

One such example is the recent report of Gardai on the border fabricating reports on surveillance of so-called “dissident” Republicans, while in fact they were skiving off work and filling in false reports of what they allegedly saw to cover themselves.

Not only is this proof of the lies they tell about Republicans, the lies they could potentially present in court as evidence, but it is a snapshot into how the Garda operate and their work ethic. 

Continued use of the Special Criminal Court is an absolute abuse of power against Irish Citizens, the States proof that someone is engaged in “illegal” activity can include owning a book on Irish Politics or having a picture of a martyred IRA volunteer on your phone.

They have also in recent times resorted to using the most despicable of creatures, the supergrass. Supergrasses have a lengthy and chequered history in Ireland, they have long been discredited and their use abandoned in the occupied 6 counties, their continued use in the 26 counties shows you to what lengths the State will go in order to imprison those they politically disagree with.

All of this is evidence that far from the state using the SCC to tackle what they deem to be terrorist activity, its modus operandi is to target those engaged in legitimate political dissent. Throw them in front of a juryless court with little to no evidence, have a conviction rubber-stamped by a State appointed Judge and throw them in prison for years on end. The Judiciary is now complicit in trying to silence political dissent through fear and terrorism.

It is not only Republicans who wish to see the Special Criminal Court abolished, but organisations including Amnesty International, the UN, and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties also agree with us on this matter.

However, despite all these objections, Charlie Flanagan continues to defend the use of the Special Criminal Court. This court was set up using emergency powers, however, rather than the Special Criminal Court as an option of absolute last resort, it has evolved into a court of the first instance. For the state is more effective, quicker, and cheaper, to convict those who oppose them in a court without a jury, lest the ordinary person would see through the sham evidence and potentially acquit.

We are here today precisely because we politically dissent. We stand in front of Flanagan’s door because we want him to know up close and personal that the Republican people of Ireland have not been pacified or beaten into submission, that we oppose his continued abuse through sham courts.

The Freestate has thrown everything at us to try to smash Republicanism, Diplock courts, internment, the hangman. Today Republicans all over Ireland can wake up to their doors kicked in, dragged away from their families to face the Special Criminal Court on trumped-up charges.

Charlie and the boys will likely never experience this intrusion, the horror of State thugs riffling through your home, stealing technical goods belonging to children, vital medication taken away for testing, while informing the media it is suspected illegal drugs in order to try to criminalise you, the feeling of not knowing when you will ever see your home again.

As long as the desire for freedom and Justice exists in this country as it always has done, there will be people willing to stand up to the tyranny of despots. That is exactly what we are doing here today.

I urge you all to support the campaign to abolish to Special Criminal Courts and until then

Bring it to their doors


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