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Corona virus has exposed the true ugly face of capitalism and consumerism

Am I worried about the Coronavirus? Yes. I think everyone who is listening at all should be concerned, but am I in a blind panic, taking all my spare cash and stocking up on toilet roll, paracetamol and even if I could get it, hand sanitizer? No! The most interesting aspect of this coronavirus for me has not been how it has spread across the globe, slowly but surely inching its way into each of our communities, but how, we as a people are reacting to it. The frightening part of this pandemic I believe has been witnessing ordinary everyday people react in such a selfish, horrible fashion that it leaves the hairs on the back of my neck standing with disgust and incredulity. The mass panic buying of hand sanitiser, paracetamol and bizarrely toilet roll, as officials have appealed to people not to do so, has infuriated many, including myself. The idea that 1 person may buy 30 bottles of hand sanitiser knowing full well they are depriving someone else who may need it, doesn’t register