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Political Prisoners Ireland 2020

I rish Republicans have a long history with Political prisoners, for centuries we have endured under British Occupation, we have continuously had Irish Patriots who would stand up against this cruel and foreign occupation.   Throughout Britain’s Tyrannical reign in Ireland they have used some of the most oppressive forms of punishment, they have tried to quell rebellion and dissent through any means necessary, they have interned, unjustly incarcerated and murdered Irish Citizens to maintain their unjust and autocratic rule. Many people throughout the world would be made believe that what I refer to are issues of the past, that Ireland in 2020 is a democratic place, that Britain rule by consent, that there are no political prisoners since their mass release emanating from the terms of the Good Friday agreement and that by and large the ‘Irish Question’ is now solved. Well, the presence alone of over 100 Irish Republican prisoners shatters these carefully constructed political lies